For your safety

COVID-19 Policies

We are open for in-person services, we do still offer virtual for those clients who prefer it. Our services are vitally important to our clients and we continue to support developmental milestones for our clients and help each family reach their full potential.

We have put these safety measures in place:

  1. Masks: Our therapists will be wearing a mask during each session and we ask everyone to wear a mask that is entering the building. If the child will tolerate a mask we encourage them to wear one. However, we recognize that with the population we work with that not all kids are going to tolerate a mask and that’s perfectly fine. In some cases your therapist may talk to you about removing masks within the session to work on oral motor and/or imitation skills.

  2. Hand washing: We will continue to wash or sanitize hands (therapist and client) before and after each session.

  3. Social distancing: For the time being we have closed our waiting room to minimize contact. We continue to encourage one parent to attend the session with the child if possible, although we realize with siblings being home this might not be possible. The therapist will pick the child up from the car and deliver them back to the car afterward if a parent is not participating in the session.

  4. Sanitizing between sessions: We will continue to thoroughly clean the toys, equipment, and space between sessions. This means we may need to end a few minutes early to allow proper sanitizing making sure we disinfect all high touch spaces every hour.