What We Offer


At Sensory Solutions LLC we offer a setting with state of the art equipment, advanced assessment tools and our professional insight to provide treatment for a varied range of child development challenges including developmental delay, sensory processing issues, Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADD/ADHD, speech and language issues, and fine and gross motor skill development.

Occupational Therapy                                                        Co-treatment

Speech Therapy                                                                  Neurofeedback

Physical Therapy                                                                Pediatric Massage

– Play based sensory integrative therapy
– Therapeutic listening
– Astronaut training
– Therapressure protocol (Wilbarger brushing protocol)
– Handwriting without Tears
– Kinesiotaping
– Oral motor/feeding
– Neurofeedback

We address areas but not limited to the following;
– Sensory processing disorder
– Autism Spectrum Disorders
– Developmental Delays
– Gross, Fine and visual-motor concerns
– Coordination and motor planning issues
– Handwriting difficulties
– Self regulation issues
– Feeding concerns


Since Aiden started receiving therapy at Sensory Solutions a little over two years ago, I am continually amazed by the progress he is making thanks to his wonderful therapists and the team at Sensory Solutions. By addressing all of his needs in an integrated and collaborative way, he began making gains almost immediately. Aiden’s therapists do an excellent job of meeting him where he is each week, and tailoring his therapy to meet his unique needs. When Aiden started at Sensory Solutions he primarily used sign language to communicate; his therapists helped him communicate with sign language and used that as a bridge to speech. His therapists have worked together to ensure his sensory needs are met, along with his speech and motor needs, which has been critical to his success. As a parent, I have felt empowered and better able to help Aiden through the knowledge his therapists share. Aiden feels cared for and supported at Sensory Solutions, and looks forward to therapy each week. His strong relationships with his therapists are a credit to his therapists and a huge motivator for him. Aiden’s therapists know him and his abilities, and are truly dedicated to helping him reach his full potential.

Aiden's Parent
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